Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hire Selectabase to Win Your Business Competition

Many company owners are not aware that they have paid too much for unnecessary expenses. Hiring too many human resources to do several tasks can be ineffective, because they might have made mistakes in listing the targeted direct marketing and convert the newly found prospects. This is because, there are chances to create inaccurate data of potential customers because they are searched manually. Sending email campaigns or direct mails to less potential customers will be a waste of time and cost. It will not happen when any company owner uses the services that Selectabase offers. By visiting, company owners can read details about its comprehensive services that will help them significantly in dealing with all their related marketing campaigns.
There are abundant benefits that every company owner can get by using Selectabase services. They include:
· Automatic residential and commercial lists download
Clients can choose among several criteria of consumers, based on clients’ business needs. Building a consumer list is as easy as selecting the criteria and pay for the very low cost for the extensive search target. The same thing applies to building a business list, in which clients can have full database of business phone numbers and emails with regular updates on a monthly basis. So, clients can say goodbye to conventional, yet costly ways in dealing with salespeople or brokers, without worrying about reaching wrong customers or businesses.
· Legality and Data Enhancement
It is easy to find a large database of consumers and businesses, because there are many companies that offer similar services. But, Selectabase is different because it allows clients to check for the Telephone Preference Service so they can avoid facing legal action.
Clients can also avoid calling dead numbers by using Land Verification, in order to avoid wasting time and cost. They can also check for invalid emails, so there will be no bouncing email address that brings lots of inconvenience.
Those are only to name a few of several paid services that clients can use to maximize their businesses with very competitive prices and rapid turnarounds. Clients can also enjoy full compliance to ensure their convenient business deals with Selectabase. The best thing about Selectabase is its major concern to small business owners. They are able to choose the low minimum orders, without reducing the number of benefits that they will get.
Selectabase also provides free tools for all clients like Postcode tools, in which clients can make a thorough plan of targeted campaign geographically by finding the nearest postcodes. Another free tool that clients can use is Letter Writing. It allows clients to create direct mails in the proper way for maximizing their campaign return. What can be better than those aforementioned features?
Selectabase understands that every business owner faces such a tight competition during the past decade. The only way to stand against the crowds is to win the competition through the right marketing strategy. This is the major concern of Selectabase. By hiring its service, all clients can avoid wasting their budget and time to use false data that ruin the whole marketing campaign.


  1. Maintaining data clean and quality is quite a struggle in our company. We tried several approaches to data cleansing and it always is an elaborate process, no matter what method do we choose. I checked out Selectbase in search of an automated tool but would also like to hear from other business owners on that subject. Not a single review on though. Anyone here?