Monday, 7 September 2015

The role of IT Support Chicago

It support Chicago provides a fundamentaland competitive IT environment to ensure its users (teachers, students, employees) equipment and software necessary for the activity. In addition, they are responsible for assisting them as to ensure ease of operation. 
Technical Support Office is responsible for assisting users in order to use more efficient service network and computer systems maintenance required in production.

Office of Technical Support Service works closely with the network interface that facilitates communication between the end user and specialists who provide maintenance services and maintenance of hardware and software infrastructure of ASE.

Technical Support Office will be contacted:

When equipment needs to be repaired
When a client wants to solve a problem institution's internal network
When you want to install software
When installing equipment desired in a compartment
When you want to solve a software problem
When configuring new services want access to certain resources of the University.

Structure and Function
To streamline business, office specialists are divided on 3 levels, as follows:

Desktop Support Level 1
Desktop Support Level 2
Desktop Support Level 3

Specialists Level 1 are responsible for direct communication with users ESA, they are the ones who take the incidents, creating tickets, take the equipment for cleaning / Remedy and specialists teach Level 2 incidents NTS their competence.
Specialists Level 2 incidents take assigned address and, depending on the situation, they close or reallocate them specialists Level 1 for closure. Unresolved incidents are assigned Level 3 specialists.
Specialists Level 3 incidents take most complex address and closing them.

IT Support Chicago is very important for any company who takes place in the country, ensuring that all employees and users can access the information with ease and whenever it is required. They also check regularly to make sure that equipment is fully functional and no errors occur whatsoever. This is why most companies, regardless of the domain, will need the support of such IT department, which is specialized in technical issues.

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