Saturday, 6 February 2016

How to Protect Your IP from Skype Resolvers and Cybernetics Attacks?

In today’s world of technology and advancement, people use the latest technology. Video calling has now become popular and is mostly used for communications. Skype is the most used software for video calling. Skype services are very good for video calling, and this is the main reason it is used the most. Most of you have heard of cyber-attacks happening every now and then. Even Skype is used as a medium for cyber-attack. Attackers steal your data and IP address. There are some methods using which you can prevent cybernetic attacks through Skype.

Steps to Change your PC’s Settings and Protect against Cybernetics Attack

You have to change settings on your PC in order to secure it from cybernetic attacks. You just have to follow some simple steps and change certain settings on your PC. Open Skype on your desktop and select Tools at the top and then go to options and after that select advanced and then find Connections from where you can change the settings. A page will appear. In there, “use port [32535] for incoming connections.” Then check “use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections”. Further, select HTTPS from the drop down menu and put [] as the host and port as [40031]. 

Then, you need to uncheck the option “Enable Proxy Authentication” and “Enable uPnp” option if it is checked. Now, check the option “Allow direct connections to your contacts only” and then save it. 

After saving the settings, you must sign out of Skype and even quit Skype in the background. It is also recommended to restart your PC. Even after completing this, people may still have your old IP and then you need to change your IP. 

In order to change your IP, there are even some sites on the Internet that will directly change your IP. One way to change your IP Allot of ISP’s these days will allow you to turn off Networking Modem/Router for some duration that would then change your IP. After that, you can check back on the website if your IP is changed. There are more ways by which you can change your IP. In order to protect your privacy, you can hire Skype IP resolver as they can help you in protecting you against cybernetic attack by protecting your IP address.

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