Sunday, 9 October 2016

Choosing The Right IT Assets Disposal Program

The ever evolving technology has led to the mounting of waste generated by I . The process of ITAD or IT Asset Disposition is getting complex by the day leading to risks faced by the organization. Every organization has to design an appropriate ITAD program to dispose the assets in an environmentally-friendly and efficient way. The e-waste disposal has to be secure, sustainable and meeting the compliance guidelines. IT Disposal Services by adheres to all such compliances. For more information on e-waste disposal, check
E-waste recycling has to be done securely following the industry guidelines and ensuring that there is no overseas dumping or no landfill policy. The hard drives and other backup tapes have to be destroyed at the data center or at an offsite destruction center making sure that the process is documented and defensible. Legacy PCs and laptops can be converted into a new revenue making items by maintaining privacy of information and protecting the planet from e-waste.
Enterprise ITAD program is developed to suit the organizations demand. Each organization has varied ways of disposing their IT assets. The ultimate goal is to maximize their value recovery.
Understanding ITAD program While disposing or recycling IT assets it is important to prevent data breach by following secure disposal practices. Find environment-friendly services to dispose your IT assets in a secure and safe manner. The role of an asset disposition company is to reduce e-waste through recycling, redeploying and destroying the IT assets. These companies take care of logistics through a rigorous process where the disposal process can be managed in an efficient manner.
Advantages of working with IT Asset Disposal Company Always work with a single vendor to manage and dispose your IT assets. It can help generate trust. The media destruction process has to be secure, proven, uniform and certified. The asset disposal company should be able to customize the program to meet the objectives of the organization. Moreover it should align with the compliance requirements. It is important to rely on dependable, consistent and secure disposal process of your IT assets meeting both the external and internal regulations.
The process has to be defined irrespective of the size of the organization. The non-working and retired assets have to be removed efficiently. Improper disposal can lead to regulatory penalties, inadvertent disclosures and damage to the brand image. A reliable ITAD company will take care of all the regulations and help dispose unused IT assets effectively.
The ITAD Company provides expert solutions across systems whether it is disposal of disks or tape. Data protection with defensible chain of custody is provided. Moreover world class logistics with multi-purpose logistic management system and a complete lifecycle of IT asset management is offered.
Some of the secure ways to dispose IT assets can be divided into two, onsite and offsite destruction. IT equipments like PCs, laptops, mainframes, servers, printers, copiers, fax machines, scanner, phone, consumer electronic, microfilms, ID badges, photographs, video and audio tapes are destroyed offsite. Hard drives, CDs, DVD, SD cards and backup tapes are destroyed both onsite and offsite.