Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How To Practice Empathy Skill

Empathy refers to the ability to understand and share another’s feelings. You must practice empathy to enhance your empathizing ability with others.

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The main advantages of empathy are explained below. Understanding the needs of other around you will increase. It helps to understand easily the unspoken communication words with others. You can know the requirement of customers at the workplace. You will study the methods to motivate other people. It improves your ability to convince your point of view to others. You can predict the reactions and actions of people whom you interact with.

Empathy makes you become a better follower, a better leader, and a better friend. The few important suggestions to develop empathy are explained below.

You should listen carefully when others speak to you. Conversations of heated topics and some topics require back and forth speaking and for any other type of conversations, have you frame your response before the person has completed speaking and you find it hard to wait till the person finished his or her speaking.

From the next conversation with anyone, you must slow down and allow yourself to hear the words of the other person. You should consider the motivation behind the speaker’s saying and you should also focus on the personal and professional experience of the person. During your conversation, you should respond using the sounds like “oh,” “ah” etc. and give a pause before verbal response.

Don’t use your cell phone much when you are traveling in a train or stuck in traffic. Rather observe the people around you and guess what they will be thinking, whether they are happy or sad, do they belong to same town or travel from some other place, are they checking their phones, etc.

You should know about your enemies well. Maybe it is your co-worker or neighbor or family member you should aware of them. Whoever may be your enemies, you think that they have made the mistake and you are correct. Sometimes you may against to their views even they are actually right because you are opposite to their views. You must think their situation from their point of view. Think what makes them speak, think and act like this.

You should also think about opposite side of every point. Third person perspective is also essential for every situation. You should imagine yourself as a third person and think the other perspectives. You never show the default reaction immediately. There is various people practice empathy regularly. Hope this article guides you try empathy and helps to improve your life and also the life of people around you. 

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