Friday, 24 March 2017

Range Extender Or Powerline Adapter – Learn More Here

Is the wireless connection you use unstable and unreliable most of the time? If so, then help is around the corner. There are many ways to tackle this tricky issue that can be deeply frustrating. Learn more about how to overcome this shortcoming and to extract optimal performance from your network.
These wireless black spots in your connection are caused due to the interference from other devices, architecture of the building and distance of the device from the router. Let us have a look at some of the options available with the help of, a leading player in the tech world. You can use either a range extender or a powerline adapter to boost the signal strength. Here, we will try to understand both these methods a little better.
A wireless range extender is an inexpensive gadget that can strengthen your signal by picking up the weak signal from your router and transmitting an amplified signal to your wireless device. But it reduces the performance of your connection as it uses half its bandwidth to receive the signal and the other half to rebroadcast the signal, effectively reducing the speed by half. You may not feel the pinch while performing simple tasks like browsing or checking your email. But more demanding tasks like streaming videos will require a more robust solution than extenders.
Experts recommend Powerline adapters to create a fast and reliable home network. It uses the electrical wiring in the house for this purpose. You will need at least two adapters to set up this system, one of which is connected to the router and a plug socket using an Ethernet cable and the other one is connected to a power socket in a far-away room and to any device like smart TV. These Powerline adapters behave as if connected to the router directly and does not require wi-fi. They are also capable of creating new wi-fi hotspots in other rooms. You will get a stronger signal with a Powerline adapter as you are not sharing the bandwidth with the router like the extender devices.
While lower speed is the drawback of the extender device, the Powerline adapter also has its share of problems. The quality of wiring in your house will affect the performance of this system as does the number of circuits that the signal should pass through to reach the device from the router.
We recommend that you take stock of your requirements and choose the solution that suits you.

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